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The St. Gerard’s School Parents’ Association was established on the 10th of November 2005 to provide a forum for the third branch of the School Community – the Parents. Our Association is one of the very few of its kind that represent Parents at both Junior and Senior level.

Among the aims of the Association is the desire to increase the flow of communication between both the School Management and the Parents, and also among the Parents themselves. It was also felt that the Association should strive to give some practical help and guidance to Parents in the school and to support the great work being done by the teaching staff.

In order to meet these aims, several initiatives have been undertaken to date. They include the issuing of a newsletter during school terms and the setting up of this web-link on the new school website in an effort to reach as many parents as possible and to be a forum for their ideas and suggestions.

A series of lectures are arranged during term on subjects of particular interest to Parents regarding parenting needs and social problems that might affect our children.

The Parents Association is also involved with Charity Fund Raising and sponsors various School initiatives.

The Association is affiliated to the National Parents’ Council (Primary School) and the Catholic Schools Parents’ Association both of which are national umbrella organisations.

Our Community
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