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Learning and the Junior School Curriculum

Central to this mission is our team of highly qualified, dynamic teachers who create a stimulating, challenging and exciting learning environment for our pupils.

Educational methodologies employed encourage pupils to become enthusiastic and motivated young learners prepared to work hard to achieve success. The curriculum offers challenge to all pupils. Academic achievement is celebrated from an early age and each child’s unique talents are recognised and nurtured.

Parental involvement is welcomed and encouraged. In St. Gerard’s Junior School we believe that partnership and co-operation between home and school afford significant educational benefits. This partnership also helps to create a warm and inclusive community spirit driven by commitment to learning and education.

The curriculum for all classes divides into nine key subject areas which combine the traditional joys of academia -  such as reading and research, with the most advanced theory and practice in ICT. 

Core Curriculum

You can read about each core curricular subject in the drop-down menus below and also in the sections on The Arts; ICT and Sport:

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