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TY at St. Gerard’s aims to promote the personal, social, educational and vocational development of the students and to prepare them for their role as autonomous, participative and responsible members of society under the school Vision, Ethos and Values.

Transition Year Curriculum 

Each student studies courses in the following subjects, which provides academic continuity, although the subjects are taught through a variety of teaching methods.

Core Subjects (English, Irish, Mathematics)

  • Focus on improving skills and fundamental knowledge
  • Continue to build on Key Skills learnt in Junior Cycle 

The core subjects studied for the whole year are: 

  • Irish - 2 classes per week.
  • English - 3 classes per week.
  • Mathematics - 3 classes per week.
  • Spanish / Design & Communication Graphics / Business / French - 3 classes per week.
  • Biology / Art / Spanish / Economics / Geography - 3 classes per week
  • Chemistry / Biology / Design & Communication Graphics / Business / Home Economics / Music / Accounting 3 classes per week
  • French / Spanish / French / Design & Communication Graphics / Biology - 3 classes per week
  • Religious Education / Applied Mathematics - 2 classes per week.

Leaving Certificate Sample Subjects

  • 3 classes per week
  •  Introduction to subject but not Leaving Cert course content
  • Emphasis on the non curricular elements of the subject
  • Encouraged to try alternative subjects in TY


  • Developed especially for TY
  • Aimed at broadening the educational spectrum of our students
  • 4 module subjects per 6-8 week rotation = 16 modules in total

6 Week Modules

2 classes per week - including: 

  • International Development
  • Musical Theatre
  • Physical Education 
  • Mindfulness
  • Leadership 
  • Religious Education
  • Careers
  • Relationships and Sexuality Education
  • Sports Science
  • Media Studies
  • Public Speaking 
  • Forensics
  • Pottery
  • Young Social Innovators


    What to expect from Transition Year 

    As a year group, all students take part in the following workshops, trips & experiences, chosen to encourage team bonding, to  increase students' practical skills and to foster independence. Our extracurricular activities are varied and provide students with an snapshot of many different skill sets.  These include Barista training, Driver Education, Boxing, Law Education, First Aid Course & Photography.

    Trips Workshops Experiences 
    • Camping Trip 
    • Killary Adventure Week
    • Retreat to Esker, Co. Galway
    • French Exchange
    • Camino Pilgrimage


    • Film Making 
    • Food & Beverage Course
    • Sign Language Course
    • Self Defence Course
    • Develop Me 
    • ELearning Computer Skills
    • Musical Production
    • Work Experience 
    • Community Service 
    • Social Awareness Initiatives
    •  Gaisce


    • Every student will create and maintain their own personal blog for TY. After every activity, students will reflect on their experience and post this reflection to their blog website. 
    • Students will undertake projects, assignments, interviews, research and other demanding tasks, along with traditional homework. Deadlines will be given and students are expected to abide by these.
    • TY Interview - The year concludes with all students undergoing a Portfolio Presentation and Interview reflecting on their achievements throughout the year.


    Our mission embodies the Mission Statement of St. Gerard’s School as a whole.  At St. Gerard's School, Transition Year is built around the core subjects, new Leaving Certificate subjects, modules and extracurricular courses, together with the rewards available through work experience, community service, workshops, various trips both at home and abroad, the TY Musical, visiting guest speakers, charity work, personal awards and the Social Awareness Programme.

    As a staff, we are constantly assessing & adapting our programme based on the needs of the students. The programme for 2022 / 2023 will continue with innovative and challenging modules such as International Development, Mindfulness, Sports Science and Leadership providing a bridge to enable students to make the transition from Junior to Senior cycle. TY encourages personal and social development and recognizes the need for students to grow in independence. 

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